School will remain closed till 31st May 2020

Dear Parents,
As per the notification from Government of Sindh, the school will remain closed till 31st May 2020, which is to be understood as early summer vacation for students.
Regular classes will resume for Pre-Primary to Grade IX in the month of June and final examinations will be taken in July 2020. Next session 2020-2021 will commence form August 2020.
Summer Vacation Homework:
From Pre-Primary to Grade IX summer vacation homework will be available in the accounts office for collection with fee bills from Wednesday 18th 2020 onwards.
This homework will be marked as assessment once it is submitted after the school reopens.
For Grade X:
Final exams for Non-appearing subjects for Grade X will be taken in July. And Cambridge results will be entered in the report card for appearing subjects.
For Grade XI and A levels:
Mock exam question papers are available at accounts office for collection along with the fee bills. Parents are advised to get them solved under their own supervision and resubmit  them to the school for checking.
For A2 level only:
Classes for A2 level will commence in July 2020 after AS level final CAIEs end.
Fee Bills:
Parents are requested to collect Fee bills of March and subsequent months from accounts office between 0900hr to 1300 hrs during week days and deposit the same before due date.
We also suggest that the Mobile App and the School Website on Facebook be followed regularly for other notifications.
Thank You.


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